Fun molds that will make your baking experience more fun

Fun molds

Baking is a lot of fun especially when you have molds that convert any kind of food into interesting shapes. These shapers add a unique finish to your food and takes out the boring and conventional look of ice cubes and geometric shapes. There are plenty of molds in the market, which come in various shapes, designs and sizes.

Right from miniature bite sized molds to even large sized cakes, you have it all available in the market today for personal and professional use. From paper to plastic to silicon and even metal, you have different materials that can give you a great baking experience. Here are some of the latest designs and styles of molds that are present in the market today.

Jeans shaped molds

These muffin cupcake molds come in a set of four for the price of $12.99. The Silicon material of the molds is perfect for baking. The design resembles the shape of jeans and when you bake your cupcake, it resembles the love handles.

Nomskulls Creepy Cupcake molds

For the price of $9.99, you can get a set of 4 skull shaped molds. The shape of these molds looks very similar to a head that is cut open. A perfect mold for Halloween, you can make the creepiest food flavours in this fun shape to bring in the effect of Halloween.

Cup and saucer molds

Afternoon and evening tea can become interesting with these molds. Shaped in the form of a cup and saucer, the price for each mold is $1.73. Who said that a cup of tea cannot be tasty, you can surely try these ones and enjoy a fun tea party with your girls and kids.

Just a slice

Now you can save your time and efforts of making sliced cake with the Just a slice mold. The round shaped mold comes with multiple partitions so that you can bake cake or pastry slices instead of cutting them. This will make your slices look perfect and uniform. They are easily washable and reusable and come in variety of colors.

The Ribbon cake pan

The Ribbon cake pan

With this band, you can use your creativity and come up with any shape and size you want. This is because this silicon band is flexible and can easily mold into any shape or size. To ensure that the molds stay in the shape you want, it comes with a specially design sheet that is made from steel and has magnets.

Cakesicle Pan

We all have heard of popsicles and we know how much of fun it is to eat them. Well now, you can even convert your cake into a new form of popsicles called cakesicles. This will be one fun treat that adults and children will enjoy. You do not have to worry about finishing it fast before it melts. For the price of $16.20, you can add Popsicle sticks to your cake before you bake it. It’ll help you in adding a fun element to your cake.

Lego cake mold

Lego lovers will surely love having their caked styled in the various shapes of Lego molds. These can also be used as Jell-O molds as they are made from silicon. Even when you bake your cake, you can make the icing colors resemble the original legos and build in the fun by adding a theme to it.

Heart in the middle mold

The unique design of this mold allow you to have a nice heart in the midst of your cake. This is because this mold comes in two parts which have a special provision to make a heart shaped filling while baking your cake. For the price of $17.99, now love will no longer be just in the air, but also in your cake.

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