Foolproof Egg Timer: You just can’t go wrong with this one!

eggtimer 2112

Eggs are very much like small boys. If you overheat them, or overbeat them, they will turn on you, and no amount of future love will right the wrong

Have you ever been in a ‘egg in your face” situation when the eggs you boiled turned out to be a disaster? If you have, then you’ll surely appreciate the Foolproof Egg Timer which promises to save you from the indignity of going through such moments.

So, you toss in your eggs along with the Foolproof egg timer and keep on eye on the timer, not the eggs (thankfully!). The egg timer starts darkening around the middle once the water starts boiling. The graduated scales on the timer shows if the eggs are hard, medium or soft and when it reaches the right line for you, your eggs are done to perfection. The smart sensor senses this by the change in heat rather than the time and accurately accounts for the number of eggs popped in at time, the altitude at which the egg is being boiled, and the amount of water.

The smart gadget is simply affordable and comes at a price of £5. You just can’t go wrong with your eggs now.

And that’s EGGSACTLY what I said!


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