‘Eme Love Sink’ by Edda, the heart of your kitchen

eme love sink 1
Everyone knows the famous proverb that ‘stomach is the way to win a man’s heart’. But what is the latest way to win a woman’s heart? The answer is this heart shaped sink. Isn’t it cute?

This latest design in sinks by Edda called ‘Eme Love Sink’ won’t only make your kitchen look different and beautiful but will also win your darlings heart. The sink has a large platform and the shape of a heart doesn’t at all constrict it but rather widens up the surface. The sink won’t be an overstatement for sure and it seems quite functional too. The sink is deep enough to accommodate a big bunch of plates and culinary and the sides provide nice space for soap, detergents etc. No wonders, it will be a centre of focus for everyone hwo will be passing through your kitchen, so better be prepared for a jealous behavior from the home maker at the end of the day.

Source: Trendir

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