Crack the hardest nut with this amazing nutcracker

nutcracker 2263
I simply rejoice whenever I come across any opportunity that gives me the chance to defy the rule books. Take this nutcracker from nice2have, for instance. It makes us think twice about Newton‘s third law of motion.

This amazing nutcracker consists of a stainless steel bottom which is covered with non-slip rubber and a dome-shaped top that features a ribbed metal fitting. All you have to do is place the nut on the bottom, cover it with the dome top and slightly tap on it.

And there it goes, cracking the nut with the least effort from your side. The simple mechanism offers you the chance to crack the toughest of nuts with great ease of action.

If this fails to impress you, than I’m sure you don’t love simplicity.

This amazing nutcracker is priced at €29.00

Buy it here.


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