Easy yet effective ways to keep your kitchen countertop organized

Having a small or a huge kitchen countertop is not a problem, but to keep it organized is. People usually complain that they have a huge countertop and so are their needs. They happen to fill it to the brim, thus, making it appear messy and cluttered. On the other hand, people who have small countertop also complain the same, as they end up making it a chaotic space. Everybody needs to learn some organization skills, which can help him or her make their countertop organized all the time. Here are some of the ways that give best results:

Keeping counter clear


No matter your counter is big or small, you must keep it clear. Usually people end up placing so many things on it, such as napkins, foils, pickle jars, sponges and detergents besides the sink, and more. They feel it is convenient but they fail to realize how messy a countertop becomes with all these things over it. It is advised that you keep these items hidden in drawers and other places but not on the countertop.

Be realistic

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There is no denying that almost every kitchen appliance you own seems important. However, if a careful thought given, you can easily figure out some that you do not use quite often. You need to do this in order to be realistic, so that you decide which ones you can live without. This is the best way to offer some breathable space to your countertop.

Assign a proper place to every item

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The sole reason of chaos and clutter in a kitchen, or for that matter in any corner of a home is the absence of proper places. For instance, you keep your silverware and cookware sometimes in cupboard and the other times on countertop, and more. This is the worst thing to do. You should make sure that you assign a proper place to every item.

Relocate whatever does not belong to your kitchen


Unintentionally though, some people end up placing a lot many thing on their kitchen countertop, which do not even belong there. For instance, an extension cord that has nothing to do with cooking. Agreed, you require it at times when you plug in your juicer grinder, microwave and toaster together. But doesn’t this happen once in awhile? If yes, then there is no need for it and many other useless products to be taking unnecessary space on your countertop.

A homemaker has to be realistic in her choices when it comes to keeping a kitchen countertop neat and organized.

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