Dealing with plumbing disasters in your kitchen

plumbing disaster.

Plumbing problems are a part of any kitchen and can be stressful considering the damage it can create. What makes the situation worse is that if you do not take care of it at the right time you might have to spend more money to fix the problem. Very often, we tend to overlook a few things thinking that it may just be a small problem. Apart from that, we might also forget the fact that the plumbing issues may not be due to the lines but because of the way that we are doing things. Here are a few ways of avoiding kitchen disasters.

Deal with water leaks immediately


The minute your faucet pipe starts dripping water, get it checked to ensure that everything is fixed properly from inside. This is also applicable in case you have recently changed the faucet.

Avoid clogging your drains

Clogged drains are truly the worst thing to deal with. It becomes very difficult to do the washing and it ends up smelling bad. If you do not have the benefit of installing the disposal machine, or if it has broken down, consider using the sink mesh so that any food particles do not end up in your pipeline.  Another thing that you should avoid is pouring grease into the sink. Using drainage cleaner once in a while will also be helpful, since this way you can clean your drains regularly.

Do not overload your dishwasher


The minute you notice that your dishwasher is leaking, it is natural that you would call for a plumber. Well, it’s possible that there is no problem in draining line or plumbing, but your dishwasher is overloaded. Make it a point to ensure that you do not overload the dishes in the dishwasher. It is all right to go for another round or wash them by hand instead of just stuffing them in.

Use hot and cold water while washing

When you are washing the dishes, hot water can be used to easily loosen the food particles that are stuck; however, when it comes for the drain or the garbage disposal machine, you need to use cold water. The cold water will not only help in hardening the food, but it will also help the garbage disposal. This in turn will save you the horror of having food particles stuck in the drain that can result in various other plumbing problems.

Do not use the machines and bathrooms at the same time

washing machine

Normally people have a habit to start the machine and then heading out for a bath. Sometimes the dishwasher and the washing machine are placed together. If you are using the machine, limit the use of heater in any other place like the bathrooms and turn off the washing machine. This will surely help to save the trouble of water being clogged. If you do decide to use the dishwasher, the ideal time would be to do it late at night since the usage of the bathrooms is limited at that time.

Check your bathroom plumbing

Sometimes the problem with the plumbing area in your kitchen may not be due to the food particles. There can be various other reasons why you may be facing this problem in the kitchen. Make sure to check the entire plumbing of the house especially if they are all connected to the same main drain, since the problem could be elsewhere.

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