Maximize the space under your kitchen sink with these ideas

Very often, the space underneath this sink is often left alone or just used to store cleaning agents and other such handy items. Instead of doing that, what you can surely do is utilize the space in the most effective manner so that you can make some additional storage space that you would need in the kitchen. Here are some awesome, innovative and useful tips on how you can convert the sink space into a beautiful storage Idea

Choose a pegboard for your essentials

Pegboards are perfect for small sized spaces as they can be easily customized. This is also a perfect way to store your clean dishes instead of letting them dry just next to the sink. Apart from that, you can also use this space to store you expensive plates and crockery that you would take out on a special occasion. People who live in small houses or have small sized kitchen full find this step very effective.

Utilize the space above the sink

Instead of keeping the sink just like that, the space above it can be utilized perfectly by having a small cupboard which can store lightweight things like the gloves you would use while washing your dishes, the cloth for wiping them dry, and hook stand to hang your pots and pans. Along with that, you can also build a nice rack and hang some pots to give your kitchen a natural look.

Use the inner side of the cabinet door

The cabinet door under the sink can also be used perfectly. You can place small racks or even storage trays that are fixed to the doors from inside to keep you cleaning equipment. This way the remaining space can be used for various other things such as storing your extra cleaning supplies, an emergency first aid kit etc.

Make small shelves within the space

Small sized shelves are always welcomed and they do come in handy. You can store things like your picnic basket below, towels for the kitchen etc. You can also consider having the pull out frames so that you easily get access to what you want without having to pull everything out.

Using a folder rack

For your cling wrap boxes and aluminum foils, instead of putting them in a drawer, you can use a folder rack to store them. It can also be used to store your various baking items like the baking paper, molds etc. The folder rack will also come in handy if you want to keep your garbage bags on one side.

Keep multiple bar handles

Bar handles are always a good idea near the pipes, this is because of the lack of space there is to make a shelf. The bar handle can be used for drying out your cloth, hanging a few lightweight things or even storing your dustbin bags. For this, you do not have to get the ones that are fixed into the walls; instead just put two hooks on either side or take a large sized bar and place it there. This will give you the flexibility of taking it out whenever you want and storing things back again.

Make a small bookshelf

Instead of keeping your books outside, you can use the kitchen sink space to store them. Just add a small sized rack inside and place your books there. This will save you space and also allow you to use them whenever you want. Apart from that, you can use these shelves for various other purposes like storing your chopping boards or treys etc.

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