De-cluttering your kitchen cabinets – Here’s how

When thinking of organizing your kitchen cabinets, the first step you do is de-clutter kitchen cabinets. While opening the door, if you see stack of unused things, then it is the right time to clean and organize your kitchen.

As kitchen is one of the important parts of our home, it is essential to keep it clean and tidy. For making it cleaner and more organized, you must de-clutter the kitchen cabinets foremost. Here is a systematic description of the process to clean and organize your kitchen cabinets easily and effortlessly.

Vacate all cabinets

Vacate all cabinets

Start by cleaning up the mess in the kitchen cabinets. Take everything out of the cabinets as soon as you see them. Take them out and separate necessary stuff from one that is unused. Now, after separating, keep unused items aside to safe place, as you may want to use it later on. While an empty cabinet allows better cleaning, you cannot do anything with the cabinets filled up with mess. Vacating them will allow better cleaning and you will be able to take out all unused and unnecessary items.

Clean every cabinet

Clean every kitchen cabinet

After vacating cabinets, clean them with a mild cleaner using a piece of cloth. You may also want to pull out the shelves and dividers of a cabinet and clean it properly. Moreover, not every cabinet material is the same, so cleaning method is different for every material. If you have wooden cabinet, then avoid cleaning it with too much water, as it can damage the wood.

Consider polishing it when you see it is getting dull. Moreover, to clean the interiors of cabinets, take little vinegar and add some water in it. Now dip a cloth in it and wipe the sides and walls of cabinet with it using a soft cloth.

De-clutter unused items

De-clutter unused items

When you have properly cleaned the cabinets, take all necessary items, which you separated in first step. Pick up unused items and keep them aside. After you have separated your stuff, start placing it back in cabinets. Try placing them in the order you use them. Items that you use less, keep it behind and things you use frequently, place them in the front to avoid creating mess again.

Donate or recycle unused items

recycle plastic

After cleaning and organizing your cabinets, if you are wondering what to do with the unused and unnecessary items, then you have done the work correctly. Best way to utilize this stuff is either donate this stuff or consider recycling. You do not want to keep stack of trash at home.


Kitchen being most used part of a home; you need to clean it often. Whenever you see your kitchen getting messes up with stuff you do not use, consider cleaning it and de-clutter the things you do not want for making kitchen clean and healthy.

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