Compact four module wired kitchen designed by Jan Jannes Dijkstra

Compact kitchen racks designed by Jan Jannes Dijkstra for kitchen geeks. Racks used for placing your wet utensils and wet vegetables. These racks could adjust your stove burners and kitchen faucets and sinks. White coating (plastic layer) over the wires (thin rods) of the racks adds beauty to your kitchens providing your kitchens lively environment and gives a feeling of spacious kitchen.
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The project includes four modules one used for cooking, second rack with a wooden board could be used for cutting chopping and thrashing food ingredients (may include fruits, herbs, spices and vegetables), third racks can be used for drying utensils and vegetables and fourth rack which includes faucets and sinks could be used for washing utensils and food ingredients. Each of them is designed specifically keeping in mind four essential components which are needed while serving a complete meal.

Via: Yankodesign

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