What to look for when buying a kitchen chimney?

When it comes to kitchen, mommy’s favorite corner, one needs to be extra careful. A lot of time is spent in kitchen for cooking. Indians are food fetish. They like to eat food that is tasteful and spicy. But at the same time spreads aroma and smoke while cooking. Even the ceiling, which lies just above the gas, turns black and sticky due to continuous exposure to gases. The solution is the chimney. It removes smoke more efficiently than exhaust fans. There are various kinds of chimneys available in the market. Traditional chimneys’ performance is much better but they lag behind in appearance. Designer chimneys are combination of performance and looks. There are brands like Metal Grease Filter and Baffle Filter. Baffle Filter is considered better as it absorbs the oily vapor at once but Metal Grease Filter absorbs in proportions. Before one goes to shop for chimney, one must take care of few things. Read on to know the things which can guide you better:

1. Air suction capacity:

It is the amount of smoke or vapor that the motor of chimney is able to absorb. It is measured in terms of cubic meter per hour. Larger and effective chimneys have large suction capacity. It is suitable for homes where regularly fried dishes are made. For houses, where non vegetarian or fried dishes are made, it must be 401m3/hr and for regular or normal cooking, it should be 400m3/hr.

2. Blowers:

The blowers are next important part of chimney that runs at the same time along with motors. It helps in more effective removal of gases and oily vapor. It even reduces the noise. Thus, if the number of blowers will be higher, it becomes easy and fast. Especially recommended for houses where frying dishes are regularly made. Houses where normal cooking is carried out can opt for chimneys having little less number of blowers.

3. Size:

While one buys a chimney, one must consider the size of it. It is available in the sizes of 60cm and 90 cm. For houses, where cooking is done for longer period of time and fried dishes are continuously made must opt for bigger size kitchen, as this will work efficiently in keeping out the huge amount of smoke released.

4. Appearance:

The looks don’t really matter much. But, if you are the person who likes everything to be picture perfect, you can go for designer chimneys. They are available in wide range of designs. Some even match with your kitchen theme.

5. Material:

One must ensure that no part of the chimney is made of material that will easily catch fire. It must have good fire resistant capacity.

6. Self cleaning

If the cost is not a matter of concern for you, then there are chimneys that come with the feature of self cleaning. These don’t need maintenance and cleaning. They even have parts which can be detached.

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