Automating Food Cuisines

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Computerized cooking eases your work and food is done. Philips budding chef discovers a secret for automating your food cuisines. A new range of computerized kitchen devices could do the job for you by mere hitting (touch) of button. The secret is to measure the amount of water released while your food cooks. We often know that water evaporates while we cook food.

Electronic devices such as microwave, oven or fryer can contain precise scales to measure or record the weight of anything placed inside it. It simply measures the difference between initial and final state of food and helps in finding the amount of water lost during cooking. To measure accurately you could trap evaporated water, condense and then weigh it finally.

Some commands needed are to execute the cooking, which tells machine what kind of food is being cooked and how crispy it should be. When all cooking is done an electronic alarms rings producing a sound and simultaneously switches off your machine.

Researchers at the University of Massachusetts, US, working for the Department of Energy discovered that bacteria can be fooled into producing conductive nanofibres which can act as electronic connectors.

Via: Newscientisttech

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