5 ways to infuse your kitchen with bright spring colors

Spring is all but upon us and its time that most of begin to rearranging the furniture in our homes and repainting our spaces to make them appear fresher and more inviting. Here are some brilliant ways in which you can introduce a splash of bright color into your kitchen.

Colorful backsplash matched to cupboard doors

If your kitchen is due for a radical change, you can always try introducing a brightly colored backsplash that can be matched to the finishes on the cabinet doors in the kitchen. This helps introduce a single bright color in bold chunks while helping the rest of the kitchen retain a different hue.


Bright and shiny cupboard door finishes

Folks that have a kitchen in a minimalistic and monochromatic scheme already can introduce a playful and bright color into their kitchen by having their cupboard doors refinished in a shiny and bright laquer. These finishes are peppy enough to uplift your senses while their shiny surface adds a glitter to your space as well.


Uber bright countertops

If you love your kitchen and its existing color scheme but want to do away with the boring old countertop, then you can always give it a radical makeover and have it finished in a bright or bold color. Just remember to ensure that the finish and the top coating is heat and stain resistant to avoid mishaps.


Brightly colored island

If you’re not ready to change the color of your wall and base cabinets just yet, you can always try and have the doors of the cupboards in your kitchen island finishes in a bold. This will ensure that your kitchen gets a taste of color right in the middle and not everywhere.


The accent wall

If changing the color and finish of countertops and cupboards is too drastic for your liking, an accent wall could be just the thing that could help your add color to your kitchen in a modern yet subtle way.


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