12 unique kitchen products

Unique kitchen products

If you consider your kitchen smart and technology loaded, wait and look around as there is more smarter stuff you would love. With the following cool tools in your kitchen, you can have your dream of owning the smartest kitchen ever materialized. Latest technology and great looks make them the most sought after products ever. Here’s the key to the most brilliant kitchen experience.

1. One click butter cutter: Just a click and you are done

Did you think making butter slices was a mess? Not anymore, get one standard pat each time with nothing more than a click. Unique design and style make the butter cutter handy and desirable.

One click butter cutter

2. Manhole cover for the sink: Easy control over the flow in the sink

It can be used if the water in the sink needs to be stopped at times when one needs a full sink. Otherwise just a twist and it turns into a brilliant water strainer.

Manhole sink cover

3. Heat resistant finger tongs: No more burns, just crispy food

Heat resistant handy fingers that save your hand from burns. Ideal for frying and making snacks.

Heat resistant tongs

4. Heart egg molder: Emote through what you cook

Say ‘I love you’ better than ever before through the heart shaped egg molder. Mold and get your feelings told.

Heart shaped egg molder

5. Chimp-sticks: Grab the snack

Funky designs and handy, these are great to grip your snack.


6. Puzzle sandwich cutter: Break the rules

Tired of the pale, never changing sandwiches give them a new look. Re-incarnate your sandwiches with the puzzle sandwich cutter and surprise everyone each time.

Puzzle sandwich cutter

7. Brain freeze ice-tray: Get mad and funky

Make four frosty brains with this innovative ice-tray and make your friends go wild.

Brain-freeze ice tray

8. Mouse cheese greater: Multistage grater and storage container

A stainless steel grater and a storage container. Use the tool for grating cheese and detach it and use it as a bowl. It’s that simple!

Cheese grater

9. Compactor trash can: Dump twice and still clean

It helps in compacting twice the amount of trash everyday. So, it’s easy now to compact the trash and feel neat, clean and relaxed.

Compactor trash can

10. Cold blooded ice tray: Chill your senses

Great for a twist in your beverage. A bite you would remember.

Cold blooded ice tray

11. Compact herb chopper: Chop and blend your herbs and enjoy the benefits

Chops garlic, ginger, nuts, chocolates and more with this new trendy compact herb chopper. It makes chopping and blending a new and a healthy experience.

Herb chopper

12. Magnetic knife holder: New edge and easy to use

Designed by Rosendahl, an effective and new edge magnetic knife holder, innovative and wonderful by looks and effective in usage.

Magnetic knife holder

So this season, reload and reshape your kitchen with these new tools and mesmerize everyone.

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