Using keylogger to track android phone and activities

keylogger to track android

The keylogger software is a spy software which can trace and record all computer or android phone activities. The user is unaware of this software in his phone or computer, as it runs in the background. Most employers use it to know if employees are doing their work or spending time on social media or some other personal work. When this software is loaded on an Android phone, it can track all activities of the phone, which helps in keeping an eye on children or any other person you may choose.

How it works

If you want to use keylogger for android, you have to download the keylogger phone tracker android app on the target android phone. You can download it on your child’s phone to monitor their online activities, social media and track their calls and messages. You can download keylogger for Android on your employee’s phone if your suspect him of leaking office secrets, and of course on your spouse’s phone if you suspect him of cheating.

The first step is to determine whether the keylogger software offers stealth / spy mode or not. Then download it and it will run on the Android phone. This software has no icons so the owner of the target phone will not know that there is any spy app on his phone. You have to change settings of the keylogger. Get all information you want, whether the phone is switched on or off.

Most keylogger software offer the following features

Easy to understand

Whether you have downloaded keylogger software for free or are using paid software, the interface is easy for anyone to follow from a computer or smartphone.

Keystroke tracking

This feature allows you to track each key stroke of the target phone, letting you know the passwords and login ID’s of apps and sites of the android phone or desktop computer. This can be useful if you suspect any stranger trying to influence your child.

GPS monitoring

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The spy app can monitor the location of the target phone via GPS.

Other features usually offered by keylogger apps 

Monitoring calls, SMS, IMs such as Skype, Viber, Whatsapp, Facebook, videos and images, apps, keystroke logging.

Is keylogger software legal?

Keyloggers are legal, though using spy apps can be unethical. But if you are the admin of a computer, you can install any software you choose, including Keyloggers. It is also legal to track your teenager or child’s smartphone or computer, if they live with you, for their safety. Employee monitoring is also legal, whether or not the employee is informed about it. Though there are debates about these kinds of softwares, still it is not illegal.

Free and paid keylogger software

There are many free keylogger software available on the net. These will give the basic features such as keystroke logging and browsing history; but, most will not be automatically invisible, you have to manually hide the icons.

Keyloggers can be used to monitor children, employee or spouse’s online activities. It’s best to let employee know about keyloggers so that they work efficiently, but are not disturbed, if they find out accidentally.

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