5 Ways to Reduce Toxins in Your Body

Exercise regularly

Most of the discomfort or illnesses we experience are linked to toxins in our body. Toxins can affect our health in various ways and can enter our body through different passageways. Although our livers naturally expel as much toxins as it can, it can only remove so much. Thus, we must make an effort to reduce toxins our body to reduce the damage it endures. Here are five ways to reduce your toxins:

Eat More Natural Foods

Eat More Natural Foods

There are many tasty and affordable food choices to avail that’ll help detoxify your body. Fruits high in liquid-content and antioxidants can help flush away toxins and clean your insides. Foods that protect your liver such as fish and whole grains can also play a part in reducing toxins. Garlic has proven to be one of the best detoxifying foods in your marketplace. A simple addition of garlic to your meal will help your liver to produce enzymes that filter your system’s toxins. With a healthier diet, you can both reduce toxin intake and remove leftover toxins in your body.

Start Exercising

Exercise can be a very effective tool to counter toxins. By exercising, you can increase oxygen levels and stimulate your cells which create an environment harmful to toxins and viruses. It also reduces stress and promotes the movement of lymph fluids that also help in removing toxins. If you combine exercise with a healthy diet, you can increase each of the two’s effects exponentially. One thing to avoid is the promises of steroids and instant result supplements that can have long-term debilitating effects on your body. Focus only on natural options and work hard to build the exercise routine that fits your needs, and you will see results.

Lose Weight

Lose Weight

Recent studies have discovered that your fats store toxins and pollutants. This happens when the liver expels toxins into the bloodstream, which sometimes find their way into your fats. By doing your best to maintain proper exercise regimen and focus on a diet geared towards weight loss, you can reduce the amount of toxins stored in your body by reducing your fats.

Avoiding Alcohol

When we consume alcohol, the liver breaks it down into a chemical called Acetaldehyde. This chemical is a toxin that damages our DNA, and can cause liver damage by increasing the amount of toxins that are left unfiltered. Luckily, there are many non-toxic alternatives to alcohol such as green tea and wine coolers. Support groups are also available to help you avoid alcohol completely.

Use Non-Toxic Cleansers

Toxins from the cleansers we use can enter our body through our skin or the air we inhale. Some common non-toxic cleaning agents can be found in our local grocery. The acidic combination of white vinegar and lemon juice, for example, can be a powerful cleaning tool. By using cleansers made from non-toxic natural ingredients, we can decrease the toxicity within the entire household.

Applying these simple concepts can greatly decrease toxins in our body. You should adopt these practices immediately as they will lead to a healthier, happier lifestyle, with dramatically less troubles and worries.

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