Use These 9 Kitchen Wall Tiles Design Ideas To Enhance Your Kitchen Interiors

Colorful tiles

The kitchen is one of the most important parts of a house, it is where you cook delicious meals for yourself and your loved ones. Needless to say, it should always remain in good condition. Whether you are redoing your complete kitchen or simply deciding on changing the backsplash tiles, you will need kitchen wall tiles design ideas before getting started.

Here are some kitchen wall tiles design ideas that you might love for your next renovation project.

Simple and white

Nothing beats the classic white when it comes to tiles. White tiles will make your kitchen backsplash appear brighter. Apart from that, it will accentuate other accessories in your kitchen – like a stool or a chair.

Portuguese tiles

To add a touch of refined class to your kitchen, you might want to add Portuguese tiles to your list of kitchen wall ideas. The intricately blue printed tiles will ooze vintage charm in your kitchen. You can pair the tiles with some retro furniture and fixtures. Then, stepping into your kitchen will feel like stepping into a page of a history book.

Marble effect tiles

Using marble for kitchen backsplash tile ideas is great. However, let’s not forget that marble is expensive. Apart from being pricey, marble is also prone to stains, which might make your kitchen appear dirty even when it is clean.

Instead of using marble, you can go for marble effect tiles. By opting for such tiles, you can add a touch of luxury to your kitchen and make it look high-end without spending a fortune.

Mismatched patterned tiles

Are you feeling adventurous about your interior taste? Instead of going for a monotonous design, pick mismatched patterned tiles. You can pick a set of different tiles and combine them to form a mismatched pattern on your kitchen backsplash. The result will be a quirky and elegant look for your kitchen. It is simply one of the best kitchen backsplash tile ideas, isn’t it?

Colorful tiles

Colorful tiles

If you are love colors, there is no reason why you can’t showcase it in your kitchen. By simply opting for contrast colored tiles, you can change the complete aura of your cooking space. One of best ways to use colors for kitchen backsplash tile ideas involves using vibrant colored tiles with muted colored furniture. In doing so, you will balance the colors and they will not appear loud or overdone.

Silver tiles

Using silver tiles will add some luster and a touch of class to your kitchen space. It will complement the steel appliances, making your space appear sleek and neat. Isn’t this one of the best kitchen wall ideas for renovation?

Penny tiles

The intricate pattern of penny tiles is something that makes them worthy of a mention in the list of kitchen wall tiles design ideas. The subtle sheen that it offers will catch the attention right as one steps into the kitchen.

Classic metro tiles

The tiles at metro station look clean. Plus, they give off a sense of strictness and busyness. You can bring the same effect into your kitchen by installing classic metro tiles on your backsplash. The dark edges of the tiles are low maintenance and you can lay the tiles in different ways from brick formation to herringbone. The versatility of the tiles makes them worth mentioning when it comes to great kitchen wall ideas.

Industrial tiles

If shiny and colorful tiles don’t soothe your interior cravings, you can always go for simple industrial tiles. They are easy to coordinate with the rest of your kitchen and look neat. From vintage to modern, they will go with most furniture and fixture styles.

Go ahead and try out these kitchen wall tiles design ideas and breathe new life into your cooking space.

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