Top Ten Safety Measures to be followed in the kitchen

kitroomOne of the most chaotic places in the entire household is the kitchen. Follow the safety norms and all will be well.

1.Put away all the plastic wrappers from the heat.
2.The egg shells should be removed before putting it inside the microwave as it may cause explosion otherwise.
3.Keep the oven and the cooking surface clean as the remnants of grease and foods may cause fire.
4.All the electrical appliances should be kept unplugged if not used.
5.Make sure that you a fire extinguisher in hand for emergency.
6.Before touching any electrical appliances dry your hands.
7.Defrost the refrigerator regularly.
8.Be sure to keep away the microwave or oven away from the refrigerator.
9.Most important thing is that always wear cotton clothes while working in the kitchen.
10.Always keep a first-aid box.

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