Top ideas for an eco friendly kitchen

The kitchen is the most important part of many homes as this is where meals are prepared and where the family spends a significant part of their day. This is also that place in the home that consumes a major part of the energy and resources that an average household consumes. So those people who want to change their lives so that they can be a little greener can begin with their kitchen and what goes on inside of it.

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Energy efficient appliances:

You can begin to deconstruct your kitchen by replacing the dishwashers, refrigerators and oven with models that consume energy in a smart way, many of the leading companies that sell Energy efficient appliances usually mark the with the ‘Energy Star’ mark that can be found on the front of most appliances that are efficient. Large appliances likeupscale refrigerators consume more energy and electricity as well, they are not only costly to purchase but also cost a whole lot more to operate effectively.


Use reclaimed materials:

Is you are renovating your kitchen, opt for reclaimed materials. Reclaimed wood is becoming increasingly popular and is also a greener choice, you cane also save a lot of money, time  and energy  by using reclaimed wood for the walls, flooring and even the counter tops over having to produce new products or something similar.

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Buy used items:

There are plenty of retailers that offer used items, even high end luxury items; and is a cost effective way to rebuild your kitchen. Here you can purchase anything from a fridge to kitchen cabinets that are in perfect working condition.


Re face over replace;

If you are looking forward to renovating your kitchen cabinets, consider repainting them to give a completely different look over replacing them. There is not real reason for replacing the cabinets is they are in great condition and repainting them won’t really cost you anything much. You can also consider adding new drawers and doors to give tired cabinets a new look.


Low VOC paints;

These paints are eco friendly and do not give off any fumes that can be harmful; Benjamin Moore has brought out theirNatura No-Voc Paint which is odorless, splatter resistant and 100% acrylic. It already contains a primer has a “Green to Promise” designation and you can get a variety of shades.

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