Three tips for maximizing functional space in your kitchen pantry

Kitchen pantry

To add functional space to your kitchen, all you need to do is take some really simple steps. Storage may not be a problem, if the kitchen is of decent size. Even if that is not the case, you can create more through innovative ways. Most of us like adding more functional space to be given to the pantry, although the builder may never think likewise.

Here are some innovative and easy ways in which you can make more functional space in your kitchen.

1. Remove items to some other places

So, if your bin and your pet food storage are occupying unnecessary space in your kitchen, then do consider to relocate them to a better place. Try and put them under the sink. Alternatively, you could also use the backyard to keep bulky stuff like this. You could also use the laundry room or the garage to store this sort of bulky stuff.

2. Assess your current storage options

If your shelves in the kitchen are small, then you could consider better, deeper or wider shelves too. You could create different storage for different needs. Keeping the spices and other small stuff in smaller shelves behind the door can save you quite some space. You can use drawers for storing spoons, serving spoons and other smaller utensils. There are lots of other things that you need to consider. There should be separate area where you can store the bigger utensils and serving dishes, so that these don’t cover the cooking area. The plates should have a separate shelf too. You could have separate drawers where you can keep the ready-to-eat snacks and the pulses, etc. separately. You could also use wire storage for hanging stuff like aprons, pans, pots and some other such utensils. These could be hung from the ceiling. You can either use a vertical wall for this purpose or use the ceiling for the same.

3. Remove the doors

If you have too many doors swinging inside the kitchen, then they are certainly destroying a lot of precious storage space. It can also make it very difficult for you to use that space which is behind the door. The solution to this is that you remove the doors, if possible or get accordion ones. Try having storage which doesn’t have doors in them. This would also create openness in the kitchen besides releasing a lot of space to work. You could also keep the refrigerator out of the kitchen to free up space. But remember not to place it too far away, as this may keep you running around way too much.

You should remember that the golden rule about functional space in the kitchen is to be able to see everything in one go. Always keep the kitchen spacious and clean, to be able to appreciate it more. If you keep your kitchen organized, you will always enjoy cooking more and be able to cook better food for yourself and your family.

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