Coffee Espresso Machines: A brief intro

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Making a cup of coffee is both a great ritual and practice. Recent studies have shown the positive effects of coffee beans.

Coffee acts as a stimulant. Coffee in large parts of the world is consumed not because of taste but because of the positive effects it carries along with it. It is prepared from the roasted beans derived from a caffeine family plant, the coffee plant. Coffee is a beverage and can be served hot or cold. Coffee is rich in caffeine.

Automatic espresso coffee makers come with special features. The espresso may be of three types:
A super automatic, semi automatic and manual (lever).
A super automatic:

A one-stop wonder that does everything for you – from grinding, tamping, pre-infusing and brewing through disposing of the used grinds. All have built-in grinders and various levels of pre-programmable features.
Semi automatic:
Semis have a portafilter that you fill and lock into place.
Manual (lever):
The pressure needed to brew the coffee is created by a piston that is controlled by hand. Pull it up to bring the water to the coffee, and down to create the pressure that forces the water through the coffee for brewing.

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