Sleek and handy kitchen appliances

panThese are some really handy kitchen stuff that will shed loads of work. They are meant to revolutionize your kitchen world.

Kitchen grips

The kitchen grips are designed exclusively to meet the requirements of the kitchen lady. They are unique and highly stylish and are stain and water resistant. Try pouring boiling water on them you won’t get a single burning sensation. They are available in size 7.5.

Electric Frying Pan

This stainless steel frying pan is highly convenient for the kitchen, flavors remains the same and is best for roasting non-veg stuff. It is long lasting, dynamic and very easy for maintenance.

Romantica-Espresso Machine

This is the latest espresso product designed by La Pavoni-a perfect blend of the bygone days and the new-aged technology. The features include 20 oz. boiler capacity, dual frothing cappuccino system, steam pressure, piston operated, mounted pressure gauge, 2 stainless steel filter baskets and durable heating elements.

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