Six-Skewer Vertical Grill offers complete ‘grilling-convenience’

wewqe11I can imagine myself grilling steak and cottage cheese outdoors in hot Indian summers, where hot loo flows even in the night. Leave out the heat, I get scared of the very thought of setting-up a barbecue and then again dismantling it after the barbecue is over. But with BrylaneHome’s Six-Skewer Vertical Grill, I can sit-back at home and let the grill do everything.

Look at the image and you will get an idea of placing the appliance on the table top and experimenting with an array of grilled foods with absolute kitchen convenience. The best part is that you can place six skewers and confirm the doneness by just spinning the grill, vertically on the table top and then you can also clean your grill with ease. You get all this grilling convenience at just $50 in online retail store of BrylaneHome.

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