Egg & Muffin Toaster to serve breakfast in less than four minutes

muffin maker

The perfect time-saver for a busy housewife, working woman or a bachelor is BrylanHome’s Egg & Muffin Toaster. You can toast buns, muffins, bagels and poach your eggs at the same time simultaneously from the same cooking unit. The toaster prepares your breakfast in less than four minutes. All you have to do is push in the bread into the toasting chamber and place four eggs to boil or poach in the projected lift-out warming tray and set the heat and timings by pressing the easy touch-pad buttons.

You can heat pre-cooked sausages, ham, bacon, tofu and even tinned mushrooms and beans in the toaster projection and get a range of sandwiches done in no time. I bet you cannot escape this amazingly convenient and time-saving equipment. Place your order right now at BrylanHome and get it just for $40, for all that it offers.

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