Simple tips on choosing major kitchen appliances

A kitchen is truly incomplete without the presence of some highly useful appliances. But when it comes to purchasing major kitchen appliances, you need to be very careful about a number of factors like the technology used in the appliances, the design, style and shape of your kitchen, the space required for placing the appliances, your budget, and so on. Sounding burdensome? Let us help you with some excellent tips on how to choose the best appliances for your kitchen:


1.Refrigerator is one of the most necessary kitchen appliances and hence, you must keep your family size in mind while buying one. According to the general rule, the larger the family, the bigger the appliance. Both storage and width of the refrigerator should be considered as both are equally significant for identifying whether the unit will be a right fit for the family or not.

2.The design and style of the refrigerator also matter a lot. The design of the appliance must be so that you get enough space around it. The door design of a refrigerator needs to be suitable for placing right next to a door.  It is recommended that you keep minimum 2” space on every side of the refrigerator door. Also, check out additional features like water dispenser, freezer drawer, etc. to make the most out of your appliance.

3.While purchasing high-end gas cooktops, make sure that you find one having both outer as well as inner flames. It would offer steady heating and great accuracy throughout your cooking. The size of the cooktop must be anywhere between 30” and 38”. If you throw parties at your home very frequently, go for an island cooktop. It comes with ‘downdraft ventilation system’, and induction cooking technology for flame-free safe cooking.

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4.Always keep your kitchen equipped with two ovens – one fixed and the other wall-mounted. It offers excellent flexibility and facility for cooking. If you are thinking of installing warming drawers in your kitchen, do that from 0 to 175 degrees F. You can also invest in a convection microwave for cooking healthy and tasty foods in almost half the time.

5.Do not forget to spend on a good quality exhaust system for your kitchen. Depending upon the size of your cooktop, the exhaust system must range between 800 cfm and 1200 cfm.

Summary: When it comes to choosing major kitchen appliances, the homeowner needs to keep a number of factors in mind. In this article, you will get to know about the things that should be remembered during the purchase of refrigerator, gas cooktop, ovens and exhaust system.

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