Rolly Cook: Portable Oven

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If you are waiting for home cooked meals on your next outdoor adventure, ‘Rolly Cook’ portable oven designed by Lee Jin Young is indispensable.

It features central mechanism which helps in rotation of two cylindrical containers attached on either side of the equipment. Constant rotating of the cylinders reduces the risk of food burning. Warming (cooking) of food can be adjusted by the heat panel. Compact and rechargeable equipment is suitable for outdoor use. This device just resembles a thermos flask with detachable equipments.

Rolly Cook featuring

Intense cooking: With container and without it.
Normal cooking: With a container and without it
Heating panel ; as an electric conductor
Two rollers(main and small) for rotating the cylinders (made from Ceramic and Cacoco)
Dividing button
Temperature controller
Heat cover made with flexible Aluminium
Aperture for evaporation of steam and vapors.

Via: Yankodesign

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