Pizza at home in just 5 minutes

pizza maker 5
Heard about 2 minute noodles, but how about a pizza in 5-minutes? Am not kidding, but it’s actually possible now, that too right in your home. With this chic pizza maker every five minutes you can have a pizza ready.

Designed in Italy, this one gives you a perfectly cooked pizza with a crisp base made in intense heat. An easy to use electric-oven, this pizza maker offers temperature control up to three levels that makes anything from a gourmet pizza to a simple margarita with in 5 minutes. Not just a pizza, you can also make a cookies, muffins, frittata, omelets, chicken or fish dishes, vegetables, pancakes in its interchangeable, non-stick deep-dish pan.

Just forget those cold soggy pizzas and get home the pizza maker to get a hot crisp pizza in just five minutes.
Price: $116.91

Via: Boysstuff

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