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Automatic coffee-maker solely for the home-maker

If everyone prefers to have their coffee in various styles, the house-lady won’t find a better tool than this. The automatic V’spresso Espresso Machine from Saeco, will take care of that. Enriched with latest technology, this machine has perfected the…

This weeks review -Round-ups of Kitchen Blogs

This is something, that every booze lover should have at their kitchen…the Vending machine with a capacity of storing 10 cans, and is operational through fake coins. Brought to you exclusively by Fosfor gadgets.

Kotoba Books brings you a sleek tool tha

Decorative pig bowl for a country touch

We all should experiment with wild ideas. Folks, you aint gotta give even a second thought to purchase this magnificent art piece beautifully made. A decorative pig bowl is what you should place in your tiny yet comfy kitchen table. In order to add some..

Metal Rooster Wall Baskets for lovers of country creations

Your kitchen decor will be dull without this exquisite piece of art. Add some more light and color to that warmth that already vibrates in your kitchen by placing it on the wall facing either side of the door, or anywhere as you feel like. Bright colors..

Spacious cabinets for space savers

Ask your hubby to take charge of your kitchen, just for a single day, and get some stylishly carved sexy cabinets installed. Simple yet artistic stuff always enhances the decor of the room. It is quite easy to lookup for them. All you gotta do is surf…

Microplane Glider…courtesy Kitchen Guru Patrick Anthony

What are you waiting for? Get the Microplane Glider to glide through your vegetables. Stamped by the Kitchen King as the latest craze for grateable stuff, it throws just the right size of grated items…the way you want. A great time saver, that delivers.

The Alligator – No more tears while slicing onions

Slicing onions gets tiny watery drops in your eyes. But, here is this great tool that solves your problem all at once. No more tears. Lol! The alligator, as said by TV chef and gadget king, Patrick Anthony, does wonders. Peel as many as you want and just.

Enjoy a break on a classy coffee table

Priced just at $1,229.00, Tommy Bahama’s unique coffee table is surely gonna give you a kick. Bored with stale designs??? Take home this casual piece, created with utmost care, to give you a great sense of delight.

You don’t need to dream of a…

Fusion product for a fussy home-maker

If you had been looking for a two-in-one fancy thing for your kitchen, your hunt ends here. This magnificient piece of furniture is the combined result of Ornate Refrigerator Trim
Enkeboll and Sub Zero, who jointly handled this project of blending the…

Flee off and on to flea markets

So all ready for a tango?? Definitely I am, to give you some exciting news to get your best bargains from the flea market. Ain’t the thought of shopping in the flea market exhilarating all by itself?

Hey, no worries even if you are tight on your…

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