Mini Bowls to present countertop foods with perfection

mini bowls

Presentation comes to the tip of perfection when it comes to serving foods. This attempt can be demanding enough, dragging you to confusion. However, Golda’s kitchen provides you with a range of attractive mini bowls made of porcelain, to give your countertop a trendy look. The bowls are perfect for serving appetizers, sauces, condiments, peanuts, whipping up various ingredients and storing small amount of foods.

The durability of the bowls are such that they will neither crack or discolor as you put them in refrigerator or microwave. These utensils are Vitreous, so that you can be sure that they will not absorb any juices of the food. You can order these white, attractive bowls with 4 ounce capacity at the online retail store of Golda’s Kitchen.

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