Manly cooking!!, has brought out a catalog of cool kitchen tools. OK, but the twist that lies here is that they have tagged them as kitchen tools for men.

Now here I wanna add something for the female folk…the tools are gonna be a real fun for us too. So make it a point to go through the stuff.

garlic pressmeat tenderiser
knife magnetblowtorch

The Garlic Press is something actually cool …now no more smelly hands (even women want that, what do you say?).

The Meat Tenderiser that is mentioned out there will bring an end to the long waiting hours that go in softening the meat. All thanks to the strong prongs at the end.

Apart from that, the Knife Magnet is good a option to keep your knives intact, but the Blowtorch and Spice Spoons are something that we can do without. After all, our judgment is always correct, so let men play with them!!


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