Make your kitchen bacteria-free with style!

lotus sanitizing system

With style creeping into every aspect of our daily life why not give our kitchen a stylish clean up as well? Now you think I sound crazy? Well, I am not crazy you can indeed get down to doing away with the so called bacteria or fungus or even your pet cat’s puke stains within moments and that too using chic state of art technology. I am talking about the Culinary Prep, the Lotus Sanitizing System from Tersano.

What is this exceptional sanitizing system after all? This one of a kind device is built in such a way that a blast of ozone from it works to eliminate any bacteria, fungus that a surface in your kitchen or water or raw foods may be harboring. The device is environment friendly and works on the basis of a chemical reaction. Air is taken into the device and subjected to an electric current this causes the conversion of oxygen molecules to ozone. It is this ozone that on coming in contact with any surface or organism reacts with it. The eventual effect being the organisms are killed.

To help you out a squirt bottle is provided in which you can collect water that has been infused with ozone. The whole process of obtaining a bowl of ozone infused water should take you about just four minutes. It is claimed that using this water to wash up your veggies or fruits or tabletops can help you get rid of 99% of the microbes plaguing their surfaces. The ozone infused water is said to be effective for as long as 15 minutes.

Many would be wary of using the appliance owing to the possible harm ozone could cause human beings. However there is nothing to worry as the machine gives out small amounts of ozone to be of any danger to humans. As a precaution, people are advised not to drink out of the squirt bottle. The by-product given out as well is harmless as it is mere oxygen molecules.

Well, so now you have a clean kitchen and appropriately washed veggies and fruits thanks to the lotus sanitizing system. However, do you know how much did that just cost you? The home ozone generator will draw you a bill of $169.99. Therefore, style does come at a price!


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