Kitchen Styles

What are the latest kitchen trends in the model homes?

We have planned to leisurely advance our kitchen. We require changing our sink and faucet. At the moment, we have only a simple white porcelain refined cast iron sink. It’s all spoiled and seems horrible. Our faucet is very small. I’m considering it and w

Could you suggest me few alteration plans for modern kitchens?

I’m pretty much excited about re-doing my kitchen to modern kitchen. I have no clue. What do you think about modifying a kitchen by stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, and modern cabinets, while the remaining house is adorned in a tradition

Can anyone help me with some great styles for a retro kitchen?

My husband and I have decided to go retro this Christmas! We want to design our kitchen in a retro look, and it seems to be a fun idea to remodel our kitchen in the ‘50s retro style! I would like to know about all the things and relevant styles, which c

Which color should I prefer for my country style kitchen?

I am utilizing Better Homes and Gardens Interior Design Software and I have ornamented the kitchen with a plenty of country material like chickens, cows, pigs, country eggs, aunt Jamima etc, my kitchen color is similar to tarnish brown. The cabinets and t

Do you have some ideas and pictures about farmhouse kitchens?

We have planned to improvise our kitchen. We have a C1850 farmhouse and would feel affection to notice everybody else’s kitchens so that we could search out few thoughts. We in fact do not like ‘country kitchens’ since the preceding possessor went way

Country Kitchen Ideas

The country kitchen is of
course a big kitchen where more than one person can stand without discomfort
and you may have a kitchen like the one you see in the picture. In the above
kitchen you see that the wood panels have given the kitchen a nice finish.

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