Kitchen renovation ideas for high resale value


Remodeling your kitchen also means that you are increasing its resale value. Most of the homeowners or buyers wish to see a lot of convenient features and styles incorporated into the kitchen where they will be spending some quality time. If you have a home that was built very early, you can increase its resale value by incorporating some useful changes. You will be able to reap a lot of benefits when you are selling your home. Here are a few things you can do while remodeling your kitchen.

1. Countertops

Most of the people who are interested in buying homes may look at the countertops first. They mostly consider the laminate countertops as unacceptable and substandard. They prefer to have upgraded surfaces such as granite. Countertops made of granite provide a natural beauty and are also known for their durability and low maintenance. Some homeowners may also look for green options. Most of these are durable and Eco-friendly. They even cost the same as granite countertops. Recycled glass is a good option for green kitchen countertops. Similarly, quartz is also known for its low maintenance and durability.

2. Choose wood

Wood is a good option for the floors and the cabinetry. Though there are numerous styles and trends, using wood provides a special look and feel to your kitchen making it suitable for all kinds of home decor. Wooden floor and cabinetry impart a natural ambiance to the kitchen. This look remains fashionable every time. The best thing is that you can choose from different shades and types of woods.

3. Sensible storage options

One of the most important aspects of the kitchen is storage. Most of the prospective buyers look into this aspect while calculating the value of the home. If the kitchen is well planned and has all the necessary conveniences, you can get a good value when compared to homes that do not have enough space in the kitchen. At the same time, you have to be careful about the kind of materials used in the kitchen for making the cabinetry. If you have cheap wood, it can bring down the value considerably. 42-inch cabinetry is very important in the kitchen for storage.

Kitchen Island is also an important feature in the kitchen. It is handy and appealing as well. A kitchen island in the center of a spacious kitchen is a desirable feature because it can function as a workstation and area where all the family members can meet and come together. To boost the functionality of the island, you can add a coordinating faucet and an entertainment sink. The overall look is also enhanced greatly.

4. Kitchen sink

Another functional area of the kitchen is the kitchen sink. One of the popular choices for the sinks and other appliances used in the kitchen is stainless steel. Some home buyers look out for double basin sinks. However, kitchens with a large single basin coupled with dual dishwashers are also a good option.

If you want to use cast iron, consider the color schemes. Neutral and soft hues are preferred by most of the clients than choosing the bright and bold colors. If you are interested in using a richly colored sink, you can go ahead and use it because there are chances that you may come across some likeminded person in the future. When choosing the sink you should also consider the home settings. The style should be matching to your overall color scheme and home decor.

5. Faucets

Use attractive faucets that can easily accommodate large pots and pans. Most of the buyers also expect pull-down or pull out faucets that are standard and found in most of the modern homes.

6. Entertainment

A special feature that is sure to please the buyer is a flat screen TV mounted on the wall that is also linked to a sound system. Features like this are hard to resist and make them buy the home almost immediately.

7. Cosmetics

Sometimes, it may not be possible to afford for such huge changes or remodeling. You can choose some quick fixes that will help you a lot to improve the value of your home. Small changes such as new cabinet fronts, painting the walls and cabinets, replacing the cabinet knobs and faucets, adding steel panels to the existing appliances, etc. are also beneficial. Minor changes as these are more than enough to create a huge visual impact in your kitchen and provide a fresh new look to the prospect buyer.

Whatever be the changes, ensure that they are useful and add to the overall ambiance of your kitchen. Remodeling your kitchen can help you to increase the resale value of your home greatly.

8. Extras

A walk-in pantry can be an interesting addition to your kitchen. Most of the home buyers are very comfortable with this feature and enjoy its practicality. There are several other features that are beneficial and add to the overall look of your kitchen. People are even ready to pay extra for incorporating such features as elegant trim work, crown molding, wine coolers, under cabinet lighting, pot filler faucets and commercial grade appliances.

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