Kitchen Maintenance ideas

kimmmIf you are not being able to have a well ordered kitchen, just follow this few kitchen tips that will not only save your time but you will have a sparkling kitchen.

In order to prevent the steel wool pads from rusting, dry them and put it in a plastic bag and put in the freezer.

Barbeque grills are tough to remove. Here on easy solution to that: a single shoot of the cooking spray on the cold grill pays off.

To clear the frying pan that has become sticky with burnt ingredients, just immerse it in the water for a few minutes and then apply the liquid dish washer and clear it.

You have left the boiling food on the gas and suddenly it starts spilling, just put a pint of in the boiling food.
For removing the stains just apply some non-stick cooking spray.

For odor free hands, or to do away with the garlic smell: wet your hands, take a little bit of salt and rinse it.

Easy right?? More tips will follow in the days ahead.

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