Kitchen Lighting

Can you suggest the best color paints for the kitchen walls?

I have applied vineyard and grapes mediterranean theme in my kitchen. The curtains in my kitchen are mauve, reddish-purple and rustic. I have fixed ornamental plates, frames etc. The table in my kitchen is expresso brown while cabinets are light oak and I

Can somebody tell me about some great kitchen lights ideas?

I am looking for some fabulous tips for my kitchen lighting and since my kitchen has recently been remodeled in Contemporary design, I would therefore like to arrange for the lighting in contemporary fashion. Can somebody please tell me about some great k

How do I decide on the kitchen ceiling lighting?

How do I decide on the kitchen ceiling lighting? What are the things that I should understand before deciding on the kitchen ceiling lighting? Will you help me understand the correct way of selecting and finalizing the kitchen ceiling lighting? I will loo

Adopt the perfect lighting techniques for your kitchen

A kitchen is an important room of a home, and
hence its interiors are as important as other rooms. The most important thing
that needs your immediate attention is the lightening in your kitchen. It is
always advisable to have proper lightening as it provi

What are the best kitchen lights?

I am remodeling my kitchen and I will be spending some money on the lights of my kitchen I guess. I want to know about some cool and happening kitchen lights. I do not have a very big kitchen and my kitchen walls are all painted in white. I need to bright

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