Kitchen ideas and contemporary trends for your appliances

With the invention of new technologies and trends, there comes about a change in the concepts and designs. A modern house deserves a contemporary look and feel, updating your knowledge is important to bring about the change.

The Social Kitchen Concept

The Social Kitchen Concept

A get together at home makes us feel lively and entertained. Friends come over and we go to their place to have fun. In the contemporary times, the concept of ‘social kitchen’ has come up. Where kitchen takes the lime light and becomes the most essential room of the house. The kitchen of the house has a dual purpose now, they become a place to cook and socialize.

Proper seating arrangement is made in the kitchen to accommodate friends and family in a get-together. People engage in all sorts of conversation, spending a lot of time in the area. Friends watch over as you cook the mouthwatering dishes and also chitchat.

Kitchen décor is being kept in mind while modernizing a kitchen. People are hiring interior designers to get a contemporary kitchen designed. To make the cooking cum socializing area more vibrant, colorful themes are being used to enhance the feel of the ambience.

Designer furniture and smart appliances are being brought in the kitchen. From the kitchen sink to the counter-top every detail is given a thought. Although, most designers follow the thought process of the home dwellers and make modifications to the design.

A ‘Social kitchen’ majorly should be comfortable for the guests as well as well equipped with the latest appliances. Designer Cameron Austin suggests a 60-30-10 rule for the colors in your kitchen. A wide variety of color combination in the kitchen will result in a messy look. So stick to the major color to cover sixty percent of the area, followed by 30 percent with the second color and 10 percent with third color.

The Appliances

stainless steel appliances 3

The era of the stainless steel appliances can perhaps never be out of trend. Stainless steel seems to blend in with every décor setting. People are switching over to a more colorful appeal, without neglecting the inclusion of stainless steel. Of course, the black colored appliances are a thing of the past.

The compact kitchen appliances are getting popular by the day, although compact in size they retain their functionality. Space is a limitation, and the large appliances take a lot of it. Smart appliances, which apply the Internet of Things technology, are entering the modern houses.

Incorporate the contemporary ideas and concepts to entrain your guests in your kitchen with pride.

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