Kitchen Countertops

Pros and cons of concrete counter top

It has been decades since the Kitchen counter tops were made in concrete. In most of the countries, granite, marble or synthetic counter tops have dominated the market. Slow but a steady growth in the concrete kitchen slabs industry is making a name for i

Seven great non granite counters

Granite with a shiny façade and smooth wash doesn’t compliment all type of kitchens. Sometimes kitchens are rustic or shabby so granite doesn’t blend well. Also it doesn’t go with very modern or sleek industrial interiors. There are plenty of subst

Do you suggest me how to update my laminate kitchen countertops?

Well, I have a limited budget despite of it I’m redecorating my kitchen. I have laminated kitchen countertops with brown butcher block design. I want to reface my laminated countertops but no idea on this. I want to update it in low cost. Do you suggest

Could you tell me best kitchen countertops prices?

I’m at present modifying our house and lastly all set to begin renovating the kitchen. My kitchen is made in old style pattern and it has laminated countertops with white cabinets’ along with silver knobs. I want to remodel it with best possible way.

Could you suggest best solution for kitchen counter?

One year back, we have entered in our new flat after marriage. Our kitchen was furnished with white tiles but it is very terrible to wash it daily because it gets stained everyday as I spent most of my time in the kitchen. The countertop is white with mar

Does anyone know about some creative kitchen counter tops ideas?

I am a homemaker, and I love to decorate my house. Nonetheless, this festive season, I want some ideas to decorate my kitchen counter top as well. Usually I don’t put in too much of efforts in decorating my kitchen, however, the latest magazine on home

Is there an option other than granite for kitchen countertop?

We aren’t really getting our kitchen remodeled, but its just the countertop, which I want to get changed! My kitchen countertop is made up of granite, and I want to know if there is any other option, which could be utilized, as I am jaded of the customa

Can you suggest few best kitchen countertop options?

I have decided to renovate my kitchen and a bit puzzled about the best countertop material to use. I often make foodstuff that is either sweet or spicy and it leaves yellow and black marks. I want to know about the countertop which is resistant to marks a