Kitchen chimneys with a green tag in USA

Fit In Modern Eco-Friendly Chimney In Kitchen To Harmonize With Nature

Modern days kitchen chimneys are not only non-polluting but also eco-friendly that endeavor to maintain healthy environment in kitchen for the suitability of users. Eco-friendly kitchen chimneys are normally incorporated with some of the unique features like auto-clean system, free maintenance and oil collector. Kitchen is most favorable and credible space in a home where you can show your love for family member by serving appetizing dishes. Women spends most of their time in kitchen to plan a new dish each time they greet loved ones after a hectic day. But, this experience becomes more cherished when your kitchen is equipped with all the modern accessories.


Pros of Having Green Chimneys

Normally, eco-friendly chimney allow for smoke and messiness caused while preparing food. Kitchen chimneys with green tags dispose of dirt and smoke efficiently to keep your kitchen clean and protect your home. Green Chimneys hold potency to abandon smoke and bad odor in an efficient way. In addition to this, such appliances extend to mount up apple-pie look of your kitchen with its latest functionality. On the other hand, eco-friendly chimney minimizes harmful impact on environment. Above all, Eco-friendly or green chimney is very imperative for predominant reasons such as keeping off sensitive eyes free from irritating fumes and maintaining a smoke-free kitchen.

Range Of Kitchen Chimneys With Green Tags

Roman-60: This is an eco-friendly kitchen chimney equipped with dual ball bearing, two LED Lamps, 1.5W illumination, push button and suction power of 1020 cubic meter per hour. Some of the other benefits of this eco-friendly chimney include power supply of AC220V to 240V per 50Hz.


Master Range Hood Chimney: This is a unique addition to the collection of green kitchen chimneys. “Master Range Hood” is a multi-speed and slide control kitchen chimney that automatically adjusts speed of blower. In addition to this, non-ducted or ducted telescopic flue put up height of ceiling from 8ft to 9ft. This Stainless steel chimney has 24 inch to 30 inch height of bottom above cooking surface.

Wall Mount Chimney: This eco-friendly is an amazing work of Italian artist that boast of a stainless steel body of 58.9 pounds. With 19.69-inch deep and 36-inch wide unit, this awesome wall-mount green kitchen chimney can efficiently come up to your desires.


Classic-60: Classic-60 is among the best kitchen chimney as far as its green tag is concerned. With 40W illumination and two lamps, this chimney can sparkle up your kitchen. Besides this, Classis 60 is S.S. finish chimney incorporated with some of the unique traits including one motor, suction power of 1020cubic meter per hour and noise level of 58db.

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