Hunting for the best under-cabinet lighting

Under cabinet lighting has become very popular in recent years. People like to install them under the top cabinets so that enough light falls upon the countertop and make their kitchen work easier. Following are the types of under cabinet lighting that have become popular:

LED Strips

under-cabinet led

LED strips look very much like slim fluorescent lights. As LEDs are energy efficient, are durable, and have low operating costs. LED strips have an attractive design, which is not just good to look at but is sturdy as well. These strips offer even lighting over the countertops. Many people consider high price to be a negative factor in LED strips, but it is worth noting that LED lights are more cost efficient in the long run.

LED Ropes and Tapes

kitchen, LED ropes

If you want a smart lighting for your kitchen, LED ropes and tapes are perfect for under cabinet lighting. They tuck so nicely into the angle that lies between the face frame and the bottom shelf of the cabinet that it almost disappears and people cannot make out its presence when they are not in use. They are too sleek and sturdy, and provide even lighting to all the spots. LED ropes you can use if you want continuous under cabinet lighting in your kitchen.

Round or Puck Lights

Puck Lights

These lights resemble the shape of a hockey puck, so we call them puck lights. One of its features is that almost everybody is in love with is its operation that does not require any wires and sockets. Puck lights run on batteries and can easily be placed or stuck beneath cabinets. Puck lights are ideal for kitchens where there are no extra sockets or in situations when you live in a rented apartment and do not want to spend much on fixtures, which will go waste when you will shift to some other place. Round lights look more stylish than the other forms, and are best to use with LED bulbs.

Slim Fluorescent Strips

Slim Fluorescent Strips

Slim fluorescent strips are a toned down version of traditional fluorescent strips that were bulky. They are easy to install, are attractive to look and have a sturdy design, and are perfect for an even lighting in a kitchen.

Under cabinet lighting makes a kitchen more attractive and the work easier, as they provide enough light at the counter.

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