How to create a Tuscan style kitchen

If you have a taste for Italian decoration, a Tuscan style kitchen will be the best choice for you to bring a charm of that old-world Europe into your home. With the use of so many rich, warm and appealing colors, this exclusive décor style can add a wonderful touch of drama and elegance to your rustic but modern kitchen. Explore here the special features that can turn your kitchen into a Tuscan retreat:


Paint Colors

Colors play a vital role in Tuscan style décor. As said previously, lots of colors found in nature are used in this type of interior decoration. While choosing shades for a Tuscan style kitchen, make sure that you stick to warm and inviting ones, such as striking gold, vivacious red, metal brown, dazzling yellow, earthy green, and so on. Once you settle on your favorite colors for your new kitchen, opt for a ‘textured paint technique’ for painting all of its walls. This way, you will be able to create an authentic Tuscan look and feel for the heart of your home.


When it comes to the flooring of a Tuscan style kitchen, neutral shades are considered as the most excellent choice. Earthy tones like ceramic tile flooring, even stone flooring, rich hardwood flooring, etc. go very well with the Tuscan style and flavor as they represent the natural and standard materials in an easy and effortless way.

Window Treatments

Well, window treatments are not very common in Tuscan style decorating. You can still go for it if you need it very much. May be you are looking for privacy or simply want to prevent the scorching heat and light of the sun from entering your kitchen. Just buy a few cotton café curtains and hang them on the outside of your kitchen window. You can also invest in natural wood blinds for this purpose.

Kitchen Accessories

Tuscan style décor puts huge emphasis on small details. So, your kitchen accessories must be purchased by focusing on very minute details. You can always beautify your kitchen with exclusive items like ceramic vases, candle sconces made of wrought iron, unique candlesticks and floating candle bowls, nice olive branches, copper vessels and flower pots, lavish accent rugs, ornamental fruits and flowers, dried herbs, popular Italian cookbooks, etc.


If you love Italian décor, creating a Tuscan style kitchen will be your best bet. You should consider perfect paint colors, right flooring, proper window treatments and decorative kitchen accessories to give your kitchen an authentic Tuscan look and feel.

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