How to choose the apt kitchen ventilation hood

Ventilation hoods have been an essential part of modern kitchens lately, as more and more people are focusing on building a healthy kitchen. A suitable kitchen hood contributes plentiful towards the kitchen’s aesthetics. A carefully designed kitchen hood can be a masterpiece, and hence many companies these days are creating budget-friendly kitchen, using modern design and technology. The two vital factors that you should keep in mind, while buying a ventilation hood, are its quality and strength. Cooking in the kitchen gives rise to countless issues, ranging from humidity and heat to odor. Kitchen ventilation hood is a one-stop solution to this. It traps the smoke, heat, humidity and odor before it disperses into the house. Let’s explore few of the latest and most favored types of Vent hoods.


The first type that we will look at is Under-Cabinet vent hood. It gives a fine look and provides plenty of functions with a line of cabinets around the kitchen. Costing just $50, this kitchen ventilation hoods come in steal finish. A non-ducted under cabinet hood would be a practical and money-saving choice. These units eliminate grease and odor using its filter and finally re-circulate the air back into the kitchen. The only drawback is that the filter needs to be cleaned, maintained and replaced from time to time. However, the alternate solution to this would be to go for ducted models that are priced around $175- $250.


The second kind of vent hood is the wall-mounted chimney. These remind us of the authentic home chimney due to its high resemblance with the shape. These units hang against the wall of the kitchen, while unifying traditional and modern look at the same time. The price range of these units is moderate. It usually costs around $500-$700.


The third type is the Ceiling mounted chimney. This system falls on the higher range of $1200-$2500. These are placed on the plane of ceiling over the kitchen. It is simple and straightforward. From the ceiling, the duct extends to the roof. This unit delivers a highly functional solution.


The final type is the custom built-in vent hood. This, as the name suggests, is “built-in” in a portion of the wall, which merges with the kitchen’s cabinetry. These are designed to fit inside a custom cabinet. Unlike the chimney styled hood, these hoods runs on electricity. The price of this system is very variable.

The prices of these kitchen ventilation hoods are solely dependent on its performance. With enhanced performance, the prices increase. A standard kitchen ventilation hood should be picked keeping in mind the design of the house, the budget and, most importantly, its basic features.  It is time to remodel your kitchen using kitchen ventilation hood, which not only makes the air cleaner but also adds a lavish look to your kitchen.


Looking to install a vent hood in your kitchen, you should keep two vital factors, i.e. quality and strength, in mind while buying a ventilation hood for your home.

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