Go back to the basics and revive your kitchen garden

Remember the good old days when you grew some veggies in your kitchen garden before completely relying on the supermarkets? Revive your kitchen garden and experience the convenience and good health.

Are the supermarket vegetables fresh?

radish harvest

I bet you know the answer to this one. Don’t you? So, you have been ignoring the fact or are truly unaware of it. The meat you buy and the vegetables and fruits you pick from the supermarkets could be quite old. Meats could be months old and a fruit like apple could have remained in the cold store for more than an year.

Thanks to advances in technology, the asparagus that you picked from the supermarket this weekend may have been imported from Peru. The exporters wanted it to survive the journey and reach you in a sellable condition, least bothered about the flavor or the taste that you get. We don’t say that every vegetable that they sell is not fresh. What is the harm in growing some in your own kitchen garden? You will be sure about the freshness of whatever you grow.

How to start?

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If you want to try out the feasibility of growing a kitchen garden, and invest only a little amount. Consider planting some vegetables or herbs in large pots. If you find it convenient and feel the freshness of the produce, I am sure you will, invest more time and money in setting up your backyard kitchen garden.

Tomatoes, radish, lettuce, carrots, onions, asparagus and a lot more veggies can be planted in the initial phase. Many people prefer to grow herbs like oregano, thyme, sage and Rosemary. You can save time and a lot of money when you grow these things in your backyard.

The taste of freshness

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Let us take the example of tomatoes, these are regularly used in the kitchen all around the year. Step out in your backyard and pluck the ripe fresh tomatoes, try it to find out how different do they taste from the ones that you get from the super market. You can plant the vegetables or herbs that you regularly use in your kitchen. That way you can avoid frequent trips to the supermarket and save some money.

Only after you have tried out, you will come to know about the convenience and taste of fresh vegetables. You can involve all of your family members, especially the children in the exciting endeavor, it will be a learning experience for them.

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