Fresh kitchen trends that are popular this year

The kitchen industry is now shifting its interest from the all white kitchen trend, which ruled the roost for several years. Now, it is time to explore new ideas and set new trends. Today, natural materials and brass accessories are gaining more attention. Colorful and artistic tile backsplashes are in use that are gathering attention and looks wonderful. Here are some of the fresh kitchen trends in 2014:


Warmer metal fixings

Currently for kitchen designing, metal tones such as brass and copper, stainless steel and chrome colder metal are in use. With iron and other tones making a comeback, people are following the good old traditional elements. “Brass and copper” kitchen hoods and appliances will be a trend in 2014.


Natural materials for walls

Natural materials are more popular for interior designing and kitchen. You can use woods to design your kitchen, it will grab attention of your guests and will keep kitchen warm in cold. You can make your kitchen appealing using brick. It gives a natural feel in the kitchen, if fixed right. These changes might be expensive, but they can be worth the expenditure.


Compact corner sinks

You can use compact sinks for kitchens that have a small space. It will utilize your kitchen space as you need and will give a fabulous look to a small kitchen. Using small sinks will fit easily and you can apply other designs around it.


Monochrome basics

The simple and classy look hardly ever goes out of style. This look is here to stay in 2014. If you have a cold uninviting kitchen, you can apply some wooden accessories, which will improve your kitchen design. You do not need to use tiles, just apply solid marbles or strips of glass. This will set a trend for your kitchen in 2014.


Outside kitchen

Outside kitchens are grabbing more attention in United States, though other countries are yet to pick up on the trend. Weather is a major factor, but it has not stopped the growth of this trend. In cold and rainy atmosphere, a sliding glass screen would give better results. It will prevent the need for continuously cleaning during harsh weather conditions. It will be versatile and will give an impressive and glamorous look to an outdoor kitchen.


These are latest kitchen layouts that you must apply into your kitchen, give a fantastic look, and set a new trend this year.

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