Find the kitchen style that suits you the best

Just like choosing clothes, shoes, or cars give you bouts of bewilderment, a choice between kitchen styles can give you a similar experience, which is equally tough. Kitchen designing has various styles that depend upon personal preferences, plus the type of home you have and the kitchen size.Traditional kitchen style

Some people face a least amount of confusion regarding the selection of kitchen styles. They are clear in their mind about a particular kitchen style they like, and have no interest for any other style. In contrast to this, there are people who do not have a clear idea in mind and their thoughts waver from one kitchen style to another. You need a kitchen style that is not too expensive and the one that gels well with the theme of your home. Following are major kitchen designs that people follow. Take a look, and see if a design catches your fancy.

Traditional style

Very elegant, formal, and the one kitchen style that has stayed for long is the traditional kitchen design. The features that characterize this style are fluting, rope or carved molding, crown, decorative pieces, and corbels. Raised panel doors with a cherry, mahogany, or a walnut shade are the cabinet types in traditional type kitchens. Granite countertops are another feature of this style of kitchen.

Country style

Warm, comfortable, casual, and welcoming are the main features that make a country style kitchen. Cabinets have a wood finish or are painted in two colors. Open shelves house dishes, glasses, cups, and food. The countertops range from solid surface, granite, to slate, and soapstone. Floors are wooden but tiles and stones can also be used.

Cottage kitchen style

Cottage style

A perfect description of this kitchen style is casual, cozy, sunny, and bright. The cabinetry goes in white and pastels, with glass doors and fabric inserts and bead board. Accessories are another vital part of cottage style kitchens, even the crockery wears a decorative appearance.

Arts & Crafts style

This style has a high level of artisanship. It uses natural materials, colors, and handmade textures. This style makes good use of leather, wool, wood, and stone in a remarkable way.

Contemporary kitchen style

Contemporary style

This style is European and is pretty simple, sleek, and minimal. Sinks are of stainless steel, and countertops are glass laminate or stainless steel. Flooring is both wooden and tiles.


In today’s world of designer kitchens, you can choose the one that suits you the most out of numerous kitchen styles. Be careful, do a bit of research, and find the style closest to your heart.

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