ER947501UC, a complete cooking system by Siemens

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Cooking is no easy job; however, it can be made so. How? Well, the answer to almost every problem related to cooking comes with this Siemens 36″ avantGarde Gas on Glass cooktop, ER947501UC. I fell in love with this piece at the first look and I can say that I have never ever seen such an elegant and beautiful cooking system. The system features one-piece black ceramic glass which unifies with 5 sealed burners not only in design but also as per the arty class. Out of the five, one19100 BTU Siemens wok burner makes sure that anything can be cooked even those items which need high levels of heat. The rest 4 burners supply up to 26000 BTUs. The extra large Grates can handle enough pressure and thus, no need to fear when you place those heavy iron skillets provided by your grandma for cooking.

The system also features professional front controls with a stainless steel trim. Another nice and safety feature of this system is that if by chance the fame dies the ‘flameSafe Auto Shutoff’ feature instantly causes the burners to close. With so many functional features too, the gas system is pretty easy to clean. The price is a grand $1,819 USD but looking at its functions and designs, no wonders, it deserves to fetch this much amount. Believe me, it is not just any other cooking system, it is the ER947501UC. As I said, it is one solution to all your cooking problems, only make sure that you know which ingredients to use when.

Source: Appliancist

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