Energy Saving Tips When Using Your Kitchen Appliances

A majority of kitchens have at least one or more electrical appliances these days. Some of the appliances need to work the entire day and tend to consume a lot of power this way. So how do you go about saving electricity and energy at home without having to switch off these appliances?The steps below could possibly help you out in this matter. These steps would help you save a lot of money on your energy bills as well as appliance maintenance costs. All you need to do is be conscious about these rules and be determines to save power at the end of the day.

cleaning Microwave


Keeping your microwave clean would help it work more efficiently while consuming less power. Keep a bowl of water with a lemon in it inside the microwave and boil it for some time. This would soften hard to remove spills and foods that you can wipe away afterwards.

 lady using Refrigerator


The refrigerator’s cooling coils need to be cleaned regularly. Dust/dirt accumulation in these coils would cause them to work inefficiently, thereby placing more strain on the motor to work better. This in turn would increase energy consumption and reduce the life of the refrigerator in the process.



A good way to save energy when cooking with an oven is to cook more than one dish in it at the same time. Reheat small portions of food in other appliances like a pressure cooker or wok, choosing the oven only when the portion is very large. Keep the oven door tightly shut while cooking for a loose seal can lead to energy wastage. Make sure you clean the oven door’s gasket as well as the place between the gasket and the cabinet to remove grease or food particles that may loosen the seal and prevent the door from shutting properly while cooking. Use hot, soapy water or a commercial kitchen-cleaning product for the same purpose.

 using dishwasher


Do not use the dishwasher every time you want to wash a couple of dishes. Use it only when it is full. Then again, do not overload the dishwasher too. If you pack in many dishes tightly into it, you would not be able to clean the dishes properly. This would have you running the dishwasher again, thereby consuming more energy for a process that could have been done earlier.


Kitchen appliances tend to consume a lot of electricity. By following simple tips, you can save energy while working these appliances to their full potential. These tips would also help extend the life of your appliances in the end.

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