Copper sinks not only look elegant but also are durable and germ resistant

If your home has a nice vintage old an age charm, then the copper sink is the perfect add-on for your kitchen.  Copper is a malleable metal that can create some wonderful designs and shapes and you can even get your own customised copper sink.  However, a copper sink does cost more, but it will be worth every single penny that you invest.


Copper, apart from being sturdy, is also a very germ resistant metal, which is the main benefit of using it in a sink.  The sink is the place where many vessels remain and it may lead to bacterial growth.

However, due to the anti-bacterial property of the metal, this sink will prevent any kind of bacterial contamination happening in your sink.  The kitchen sink is the place where a lot of staining and spillage happens as you are preparing and serving food.


The kitchen sink has multiple usages from washing loads to preparation of food- hence it must always be free from germs and be kept neat and tidy.  The copper sink ensures that bacterial growth in your sink does not happen.

Furthermore, the metal is also resistant to discoloration and stains- therefore; cleaning a copper sink is very easy and saves you a lot of time in cleaning it.


Copper is a durable metal and can be used as a splash back and counter top as copper has a high resistance to heat.  The modern copper kitchen sinks are no longer old fashioned in appearance, as you can opt from many different colours.  In fact, surprisingly, you can even opt for a colour that is in sync with your kitchen colours.

Once you have made up your mind to install a copper sink, ensure that the copper quality is good and genuine.  Purchase it from a reliable manufacturer with some kind of warranty.  The copper sink should be uniform in thickness so that it does not get dents and lasts for a long time.


Copper has widely been used as a raw material for making sink for decades.  It is hygienic and that is why it is entirely different from other sinks of varying materials available in the market.

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