A useful guide to protect your home from intruders

protect your home from intruders

Proper home security is paramount to feel safe and secure in your home. Break-ins do happen and to avoid them, you have probably put the locks you think are the most secure on your doors. You have to control access to your home, reduce visibility and be careful and responsible at all times to protect your home and family. What else can you do? Here is a brief guide on protecting your home from intruders: 

Tips for protecting your home from intruders

 Keep a low profile


You might be very proud of your latest buys which might have cost a ton of money. It’s a bad idea however to keep your valuable in plain sight. A nice car should be safely parked inside the garage and keep the blinds of your home closed, if you have plenty of valuables like antiques or expensive electronic. Intruders casing your neighborhood will not be easily able to spot that you have anything worth breaking in. So keeping a low profile is one of the ways to keep your home safe.

Secure your home before going out

Responsibly closing all the windows and doors before you go out and at night can prevent unwanted people getting inside your home. You and your family members have to do this every day consciously. Secure window air-conditioners and big cat or dog doors. Check for areas in your neighborhood through which intruders can break-in. It might be a good idea to keep the backdoor closed in the evenings.

Install a security system

Install a security system

Installing a security system is a good move, as you would be instantly warned if someone is trying to gain access to your home. But do not put any ‘Protected by XYZ’ stickers on the door, as it is revealing information. Knowing the brand or kind of security system installed can make it easy for unscrupulous people to disable the system.

Secure your outdoor area

Motion sensors outside your home in the front as well as backyard would immediately set off an alarm if there is an intruder on your property. Motion sensor floodlights on a timer will enable you to switch it on remotely, so that your premises are lit up, even if you are away. Avoid tall fences and tall or thick shrubs around the doors and windows. This will make it difficult for anyone to hide inside your property. One of the best tips is not to have the front doorknob near a glass window which can be easily broken!

Use remote controlled lights inside

Use remote controlled lights insideIf you are away frequently in the evening or return home late from work, then it’s a good idea to install lights which you can control remotely. You can have one in your living room area and one each in the bedrooms, so that it looks as though there are people at home. A dark house is an intruder magnet, so take advantage of the latest technology and install some lights which can be switched on via your smartphone. A lit up house is a deterrent for intruders.

Keep a dog

If your schedule and lifestyle permits, then keep a dog. Dogs can alert you to any unusual activity outside your home, with their barking. A dog would keep you company and act as a security guard for your home. Even a small breed of dog is fine, you don’t have to keep a huge dog.

Protecting your home from intruders is possible with security systems, keeping your property well-lit, installing motion sensors and smart lighting system. Keeping a low profile would also keep you safe from the eyes of intruders.

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