A proper ventilated kitchen is a heaven to work in

Good ventilation is equally important for kitchens as it is for residential places. Kitchens are growing larger with the growing sizes of houses. They are forming a major part and heart of the house and hence, you need to take good care of them.


Before going into the benefits, let us know what all happens when you do not have good ventilation. It is obvious that with the growing sizes of houses, there are relatively big kitchens that have professional grade appliances. These big smoke dealers have a significant effect on your house’s indoor air quality. The moisture, gas and grease along with the smoke settle down not only on the walls but the furniture, cabinets, windowsills and all over. This leads to dangerous health hazards and destructs the home furnishings.


What does good Ventilation do? 

The larger and packed homes have everything organised and planned in it but good ventilation. This becomes a big issue when we start facing all sorts of problems. This is why you have to take some time out to install proper kitchen ventilation for an optimally best indoor air quality. Now when you are convinced on getting proper ventilation for your kitchen, you have to learn how to pick the correct one, being clear on what all you need and what all you want.


A wide Cook Top Hood to trap the air

Cooking on the stovetop, you want the area to be maximum for the air to be trapped under the hood. Hence, the very first lesson is when you choose a cook top hood, it should be as wide as the range covering at least 50 percent of the front burners. Once the gases, smoke, steam and grease rise up while cooking, the range of the hood catches the hot air. This is the reason a wide cook top hood is required because more the hood takes space of the cover, the cleaner will be the air. 



The role of fans

Control the humidity level and you shall have a good indoor air quality. While cooking there produces an excess amount of moisture and this is where there arises the need of fans. When you allow the moisture to gather up in the air, it results in many health problems. If you are a die-hard cooking lover, go for an aerodynamic model of ventilation fans.


Hate the noise? Control it!

It is pretty obvious you hate the noise of the fan. Do not drop the idea of ventilation for it. Instead, try a hood fan silencer, remote fans or a sump model that collects air in large space behind the hood.

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