5 Perfect Body Lotions for Fall

5 Perfect Body Lotions for Fall

As the chilly fall months approach, many people with dry skin are searching for hydrating moisturizers to get them through the next few months. Fall and winter are the worst times of year for those who suffer from dehydrated skin, as the cold, dry air often makes their skin issues worse.

Here are a few lotions and body creams that will keep your skin in shape all autumn.

1.  Eos Shea Moisture 24H Moisture Body Lotion

Made with all-natural ingredients that will hydrate your skin from head to toe, this is the perfect moisturizer for anyone wanting a boost of hydration plus a sweet scent. Despite this lotion’s ultra-hydrating ingredients, it dries down quickly and does not leave a greasy residue.

2.  First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream

The best-selling FAB Ultra Repair Cream is the perfect product for anyone who struggles with extremely sensitive or dry skin and eczema. It can be used on skin with a variety of severe issues including hammertoe deformities, this hydrating cream is fragrance and paraben free. If you’ve tried everything for your dry, sensitive skin to no avail, this could be the perfect product for you.

3.  Jergens Ultra Healing Extra Dry Skin Moisturizer

As the product’s name suggests, this moisturizer is perfect for those with extra dry skin. This cream is designed for dry, cracked skin such as elbows, knees, and heels. With a light, natural fragrance and a non-greasy finish, this moisturizer is perfect for the harsh winter months.

4.  Lush Hands of Hope

If you suffer from dry, cracked hands in the fall and winter months, this is the best nourishing hand cream on the market. With all-natural ingredients including a natural fragrance that is safe for sensitive skin, this product is a staple for your bag, desk, or vanity to keep your hands hydrated all season long.

5.  Mario Badescu Summer Shine Lotion

Don’t let the name fool you – this product is perfect for use all year long. This rich yet ultra-lightweight moisturizer has a hint of coconut and includes small glitter particles that give skin a naturally glistening glow. If you’re not ready for summer to be over and want to look radiant all autumn long, this will be your new go-to moisturizer. Plus, the lotion is huge and a little bit goes a long way.

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