15 unique cutting board designs for your kitchen

Cutting boards

A cutting board is an essential part of any kitchen. You need to use it for cutting various fruits, vegetables and meat items too. Most of the home owners use different boards to chopping vegetables and non-vegetarian items. If you are a fashion buff, you would love to own one of these creative and decorative cutting boards. Choose from 15 unique cutting board designs.

1. Ruler cutting board: This is a cool cutting board that comes with a scale for measurement. If you need to cut the items by measuring then you should use this board. The board has a hole at one end of the scale making it easy to hang it on the wall.

2. Transfer cutting board: If you are facing the problem of transferring the contents after cutting them, then here is a solution for you. Use the transfer cutting board and transfer the contents without any hassle.

3. iPhone cutting board: Love the iphone? Perhaps you may not be having the budget to buy it right away. However, you can use your favorite iPhone model cutting board in your kitchen. It is shaped like the iPhone and has the design of the icons too.

4. Engraved cutting board: If you like creative designs then you are sure to love the engraved cutting board. The board comes with beautiful designs engraved on a side. Choose your favorite design and cut your vegetables on it.

5. Beachwood cutting board: This special cutting board comes with measurements on the surface. So whether you need to measure the length or the size of the cubes, you have it all on the board for your convenience.

6. Elephant cutting board: If you have kids at home, they may be amused by the shape of this board. The board is cut in the shape of an elephant. You can see its trunk, eyes, ears, legs and tail. Children would love to use this board.

7. Bamboo bird cutting board: This wooden cutting board looks like a cute little birdie. There is a hole in place of the eyes making it comfortable for hanging on the wall. The special shape is convenient for cutting the vegetables too.

8. Limited edition cutting board: This special cutting board is a special way to remember the video game. The board in hand made using hard maple and walnut. It comes with a polished finish too.

9. Volkswagen cutting board: Another interesting design is the Volkswagen inspired cutting board made from cherry wood and maple. The details of the design are burnt into the board. It is sanded for getting a smooth finish and finished with natural waxes and mineral oils.

10. Pac-Man cutting board: This special cutting board adds a touch of gaming nostalgia to your kitchen. It is inspired from the Pac-Man game. Made of hard maple and walnut, the board is very durable and does not dull the edge of your knife.

11. Cut and paste cutting board: The cut and paste cutting board is available in three sizes, small, medium and large. The board can perform two functions, cutting and that of a container. Once the items are cut they can be collected in the container.

12. Cheese cutting board: Love cheese? Then here is a way to show your love. Get the cheese cutting board made of powdered bauxite and acrylic. The resulting material resembles marble finish. The board in non-porous and will not harbor odor or bacteria. It has a hole at one end for easy hanging.

13. Chopchop cutting board: The chopchop cutting board comes in the shape of a chopping knife. The best thing is that it comes with a chef knife that is built-in to it. The board is made of beachwood. It is perfect for displaying as well as gifting.

14. Domino cutting board: The board is made of maple and has walnut accents. If you love Dominos this is one of the best ways to show your love toward your favorite food outlet.

15. Cloud cutting board: Here is a unique design for the cutting board. This wooden board is in the shape of a cloud. You can use it for cutting as well as for decorating your kitchen.

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